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PAGID 8083-RSL1 Brake pads RSL1 front Audi RS6 (C6) / NISSAN GT-R R35 STILLEN

Art#: 8083-RSL1
Please note! Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
RSL Series

Long distance/endurance racing brake pads
Excellent pad wear rate under endurance conditions, excellent disc life, less aggressive than RST giving best possible brake balance, modulation and consistency of friction under endurance conditions.
RSL compounds are developed to comply with latest requirements in endurance racing and in accordance with current ecological standards of the automotive industry.

RSL 1:
Long distance/endurance compound with very good pad and disc wear, as wll as friction stability vs. temperature. Low pedal effort, slightly progressive in-stop behavior but still good modulation.
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