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DEI 010145 Titanium Turbo Shield Custom Fit Turbo Blanket

Art#: DEI 010145
Please note! Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product

Custom fit Titanium Turbo Shields™ provide the ultimate means of reducing turbo lag and serve as a superior heat barrier. Allowing more heat in the turbine and less damaging underhood radiant heat resulting in a boost in horsepower! Stronger and more durable than other turbo blankets or shields, Titanium Turbo Shields include a hi-temp rated silica insulation under the tight outer layer for extra added protection against extreme turbo-generated heat. We have added a true riveted anchor along with added seam protection to accommodate the higher horsepower levels of heat.

Titanium Turbo Shields can withstand direct heat up to 1800°F and 2500°F radiant heat.

Each Kit includes:

1 - Turbo Shield
1 - 2in x 15ft roll of Titanium Exhaust Wrap
2 - 20in Stainless Steel Locking Ties
1 - 5ft roll of fastening wire

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