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BBS RI-A047 Wheel RI-A 18×8.5 ET35 5/112.0 (DB) BMW 320i Msport (G20) / MERCEDES AMG A35 (W177)

Art#: RI-A047
Please note! Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product

The ultimate racing model—based on our wheel for SUPER GT The ultimate racing specification wheel—based on exactly the same concept as our wheels for SUPER GT, the pinnacle of racing in Japan, and with exactly the same structure. Antislip paint minimizes slipping between wheel and tire, while steel bushings help protect the nut holes when the wheel is installed or removed. Inheriting our racing wheels’ performance and reliability in the toughest of conditions, this model is sure to impress and please in every detail.


Center emblem(BBS Logo will be gold.)
Air Valve(TR412)
Bolts/Nuts(The wheel size that use of the OEM volts or nuts will not be attached.)
Hubring(Only for the PFS spec size is attached.)
he emblem at the center of BBS forged wheels is gold logo.
The tuner size may require a change to the body at the customer expense depending on the vehicle model, tire size, tire brand, and more. In selecting the tuner size, please ask a car accessory shop for details before deciding.
Specifications, prices, etc. may be changed without prior notice.
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