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GARRETT 880696-5002S G35-1050 Supercore, Reverse Rotation

Art#: 880696-5002S
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Garrett G-Series Turbochargers series turbochargers feature the latest innovations in turbocharger technology. Advanced compressor and turbine aero offer enthusiasts a wide range of performance boosting solutions for 2.5L - 5.5L engine platforms. Standard and reverse rotation options are offered with a variety of turbine housing configurations making it easy to select the right turbocharger for your application.


• New G Series compressor wheel aerodynamics

• Fully machined speed sensor and pressure ports

• Standard and reverse rotation configurations available

• Oil restrictor and water fittings included with purchase

• One piece center housing and backplate for increased durability

• 4 water jacket ports for customizable installation

• Mar-M turbine wheel material rated up to 1050° C | 1922° F

• Stainless steel turbine housings for temperatures up to 1050° C | 1922° F

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