HKS 15004-AF010 Oil Cooler Kit For Subaru Impreza GRB WRX STI

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1. Installation of the core in the fender that doesn't have any effect on radiator
Setting the core near radiator will cause a temperature rise, so we have set it in the right fender which will provide stable cooling condition.


2. Aluminum panel air guide included
The air guide is included that lead the air from the narrow opening into the core for efficient cooling. It's the perfect core cooling system because we have analyzed the air flow and designed it. And also we have designed air guide exit to tire house.


3. Thick type 12 rows core
Adopted thicker core type than previous products for EJ20. With this product, you will have better cooling result but also avoid losing the pressure loss.


4. Stable oil temperature and lower the peak temperature
It will improve the cooling effect by using with stock water coolant type. This kit will lower the peak temperature and stabilize the oil temperature. At the same time, by lowering the oil temperature will keep the water temperature down too.


5. HKS total cooling system
This kit can be used with the front layout type and very efficient and high cooling system HKS R type Intercooler.

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