FERODO FCP1348H Brake pads rear DS2500 for JBT CM4P (small) / BREMBO TESLA MODEL S

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          109.8mm = 4.323"                 69mm = 2.717"                     15mm = 0.591"              51.3mm = 2.020"

MAIN APPLICATIONS: Track day, light race use, Rear GT

The racing-developed material is also ideal for heavy vehicles. The DS 2500 is ideal for circuit training: a coefficient of friction of around 0.50 µm, which remains constant over a wide range of temperatures, provides a consistent and predictable braking feel. This new generation friction material has a very low compressibility and therefore a stable pressure point, while being gentle on the brake disc. Thanks to reduced brake dust and low noise levels, the pad is ideal for the driver who needs optimal braking performance in all conditions.

Main characteristics:

  • low noise
  • low level of dust generation
  • long service life
  • gentle effect on the brake disc
  • hard pressure point
  • road style sophistication, but with the ability of racing material to withstand heat in terms of life and µ.
  • application: track day and light race for all types of vehicles.
  • constant coefficient of friction of 0.50 in the operating temperature range from 0° to 500° C.
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