Why do you need an exhaust system tuning?

Exhaust system tuning is considered the right decision in 2022 if quality Cat-Back exhaust systems and accessories exhaust system are used. You can win if you only use a reliable race car exhaust for tuning.

A pleasant sport exhaust sound is obtained depending on various nuances, certain characteristics of each particular car and the design features of the exhaust system designed for a particular car.

Where to start tune?

Many car owners decide to make changes and improve their car. Let’s look at some important points.

An exhaust manifold

Tuning manifolds have the correct arrangement of holes, a streamlined shape and smooth curves. They have a built-in pulse synchronizer, so they are able to increase traction by reducing any resistance. Sports exhaust manifolds are made from several materials:

  • stainless steel — such racing systems are lighter than cast iron, and they increase power, improve throughput;
  • ceramics — such collectors are the most expensive, because they have low thermal conductivity.

In this case, the latter option does not emit heat into the engine compartment.

Sports exhaust systems

Mufflers are designed to absorb engine noise. If cars did not have mufflers, it would be impossible to talk and hear each other in the cabin, as well as in the immediate vicinity of the car.

But if you wish, you can improve the racing exhaust pipes of your car. There is an exhaust performance package for this. Most companies that make advanced exhaust systems claim that you can increase the power of your car by installing a cat-back. Especially when it comes to high-quality manufacturers specializing in the manufacture of exhaust systems.

Increase the power of your auto with exhaust tuning! After all, it is thanks to this that your vehicle will gain more speed, or maybe it is by the sound that you will be recognized.

The Atomic Shop website presents exhaust mechanisms from well-known brands — Eisenmann, HKS, Milltek. Due to the fact that a dealer from Europe can supply systems without intermediaries, the prices on the site are affordable and attractive. Moreover, Atomic Shop provides a warranty.

If the product is in stock, it can be delivered within 5 days in special package. The store also took care of several payment methods to make it easier to buy products — PayPal, cash on delivery, direct debit.

Do exhaust pipes add horsepower? There are several ways to increase the car’s power and engine torque. Depending on the replacement of parts of the entire system, power can increase from 5% to 20%. What kind of exhaust is best for performance? The best option for the exhaust system is 4-2-1. This means that the 4 tubes of the collector first go into two, and then into one (the collector is suitable for 4-cylinder engines or for one of the two sides of a V-shaped, 8-cylinder). Such a device allows the flow of gases to pass more freely. Does straight pipe improve performance? Such a system optimally removes exhaust gases, and also prevents the system from overheating. At the same time, the speed of the car increases. What does a bigger exhaust pipe do? The installation of a racing pipe helps to increase the useful power of the engine. The result is a sporty engine sound. It is for this quality that many car owners install racing pipes. What size pipe exhaust is best? Here you need to follow some rules. The diameter must match the diameter of the connecting racing pipes of the straight-through muffler. The dimensions and shape of the forward flow must be correctly mounted under the lower part of the body.