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DRAGY Officially Released on App Store

Track your laps like never before with 'dragy Lap', now available on iOS! Dragy team spent over 3 years' R&D, redesigned a whole new generation lap timer APP for all lap track users. (Works with dragy 10Hz GPS based performance meter device, Android will be available soon)
During the last 5 years, dragy has built a million users' community for all performance car enthusiasts. As a technology company, we are looking forward to bringing our performance testing experience to Lap track community. Our goal is to build the best user experience lap timer and another community for all Lap track users with affordable price. To make it possible, we redesigned everything and finally release an innovative lap timer APP, 'dragy Lap’.
-Predictive lap timer with dual camera recording (dual camera requires iPhone with A12+ processor)
-Revolutionary 3D map replay, 3D map in video overlay
-Easy to share every lap moment to the social media
-Leaderboard for dragy Lap community (available in May)
-Professional lap analysis tool (available soon)
Thanks for the ongoing support from all the dragy users during the past 5 years. This is just the beginning of our development to make dragy Lap perfect. We’re working at full capacity to bring the best product to all dragy users as always.
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