What is the need for a kart helmet?

Passion for extreme sports requires taking care of mandatory protective ammunition. Not a single karting club is allowed to go to the track without equipment, as is the case with car racing.

If we talk about professional sports, here the requirements for the level of security are much higher. The rider must not only have a full set of protective equipment — it must comply with international standards.

In general, karting suits are similar to those worn by professional racers. The only difference is that equipment has a slightly lower level of protection and lower cost. However, kart racing helmets are just as durable and able to minimize the effects of impacts.

Does using a Bell helmet really increase rider safety on the kart?

The first thing you should buy for karting is racing helmets. These motorsport accessories are made of durable composite plastics, the front part is made transparent to provide maximum visibility. For the manufacture of luxury models of helmets, refractory Nomex is used. It is thanks to such materials that the risk of serious injury is reduced, and sometimes the life of the driver is saved, even if he has extensive experience.

In addition to the helmet, riders often purchase a special gear («collar»). Despite the fact that the latest ultra-light materials are used in the manufacture of protective equipment, the average weight of a helmet is not less than 1 kg. With prolonged use, the load on the neck and spine is still noticeable.

To reduce the load, a neck protection is attached to the rider’s suit, taking on part of the weight of the helmet. This greatly facilitates the life of the pilot and increases comfort during the race, which is very important for health and safety. Moreover, the helmet is not attached to the protection but only rests on it — this does not interfere when you need to put on or take off the helmet.

If you want to continue training in any weather, you will also have to invest in a special visor to protect against rain — a turbovisor. It is removable and can be easily attached to the helmet if necessary.

In addition to the helmet, it is necessary to purchase a balaclava — for better fit of the helmet on the head, comfort while riding and hygiene considerations.

What other nuances are there when choosing an accessory in 2022?

Depending on the increase in the class of the helmet, the degree of protection and the price, the density of the helmet varies from higher on the outside to lower on the inside. This was done to absorb energy upon impact — the contact of the head with the super hard «shell» of the shell is fraught with serious consequences. Good bell kart racing helmets sit perfectly on the head without distracting the pilot from control.

If we talk about popular models, we should highlight the following:

  1. RS7-K. Designed for karting professionals, this item reduces noise and includes improved aerodynamics. A serious composition provides durability, while a smooth inner lining creates a feeling of comfort.
  2. KC7. This option is in demand among young karting enthusiasts. With antifog, ventilation and a dense lining, the accessory is suitable for future champions. It is also worth noting that this series has a huge selection of different colours. After all, karting enthusiasts often choose a corporate colour for themselves, by which the fans will recognize the racer.

With bell kart racing helmets, you will increase your safety and reduce the chance of serious injury. After all, it is the head that can suffer in the first place in the event of an unsuccessful collision in another vehicle or other trouble.

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