ARP 107-1002 Cam Sprocket Bolt Kit for Mitsubishi 4G63

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Now you can use premium quality ARP stainless steel or chrome moly fasteners to install most anything on a car, boat or trailer. The specially alloyed “ARP 300” stainless steel and heat-treated 8740 chrome moly bolts (black oxide finish) are nominally rated at 180, 000 psi tensile strength to provide a substantial extra margin of safety over Grade 8 hardware. What’s more, you can’t beat the gorgeous looks of ARP’s specially polished stainless steel fasteners, and their ability to resist rust. They’re truly maintenance free!

Socket Size(s) 14mm 12pt

Material: 8740 Chrome Moly
Finish: Black 

Kit Instructions

Fits Following Engines: 4G63



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