Why do VW lovers choose Akrapovic?

Akrapovic is a manufacturer of Cat-Back Exhaust Systems and exhaust system components. The Akrapovic exhaust system and mufflers are made from only the finest materials: aviation titanium, stainless steel and carbon. Therefore, car owners and tuning enthusiasts for golf 7 R choose akrapovic exhaust.

In addition, an integral component in the production of exhaust systems is «dry» carbon. In addition to an attractive appearance, Akrapovic carbon muffler tips have such qualities as: high strength and temperature resistance.

The uniqueness of akrapovic exhaust for golf 7R is ensured primarily due to the production capacity of the plant. It is the company from Europe that has developed a high-tech production complex for the processing of titanium alloy. This aspect allows us to offer the company’s customers highly competitive accessories for exhaust systems of the highest class.

Prototypes that are built in the factory go through all sorts of tests, where racing teams identify flaws that need to be fixed. The development of new products begins with the construction of an accurate 3D model of the motorcycle or car for which the unit is intended. Knowing the exact dimensions of the space in which the new exhaust can fit helps to optimize its layout.

The design of each system is evaluated and refined to the level of perfection, taking into account the preferences of world champions. During the testing process, parameters such as powerful sound resonance, acceleration intensity and environmental safety are also honed. That is, we can safely say that Akrapovic’s performance systems are popular with fans of the VW Golf 7R for a reason.

What series of this brand are popular in 2022?

If we talk about popular series, we can distinguish:

  • slip-on;
  • evolution.

Systems from the first series are designed for easy installation by simply replacing the standard muffler installed on the car. The undeniable advantage is that the rest of the exhaust remains intact.

The second configuration is a complete replacement for the factory installed system. The advantage of this series is a significant savings in weight, as well as a noticeable increase in power and torque of the motor. On top of that, there are carbon muffler tips in the kit.

All these facts indicate that golf 7R owners can effectively use these series for tuning.

These systems have also performed well in rally and street racing, but systems for different types of racing still need to be evaluated. For example, the Evolution Race Line series is one of the best. But at the same time, this line is designed specifically for closed roads and does not meet the emission requirements on city streets or highways.

Why are Akrapovic exhaust systems a good option for tuning a Volkswagen Golf 7R?

The company pays close attention to every detail of its products. Developers carefully test their systems in such a way that the exhaust system brings «benefit» to the engine. Experts are constantly struggling with energy loss issues.

Therefore, we can safely say that a high-quality system allows the driver to use the car engine at full capacity. It is also important to pay attention to the little things that greatly affect the power of golf 7 R by Akrapovic, for example, downpipes.

Increase the power of your vehicle and take part in races on a par with other racers. Especially since not every golf 7r has a tune exhaust system, but yours might.

After all, it is for this fast driving and racing that such models are bought. For normal city driving, a regular Volkswagen may well be suitable.

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